Barhopping - the melody came first, together with the open funky feel, and it was a bit of a puzzle to fit the right chords under it. Once I had it, I added two unison sections in which the bass doubles first the guitar, and then the vibes.

Wait Till The End - a ballad. Melody and chords sort of came out together. Best consumed in a relaxed state with eyes closed.

Boptopus - I wanted a tune with quick chord changes that would form a nice challenge for the soloists. It turned out the melody for the bridge was the real challenge :)

What A Diff'rence The Bass Makes - the song has nothing to do with the well-known standard What A Diff'rence A Day Makes, nor with my ego as a bassist. It's just that it's based on three very basic chords - plain vanilla triads - played throughout the whole tune, but by changing the bass note under the chords they turn into something different.

Herbal Brew - a brew of confusing rhythms, at least for the players, that is.

Night Song - sometimes you hear a nice story of somebody saying that they woke up in the middle of the night and a song came to them. That's exactly what happened here, hence the unoriginal title.

Padoodedap - the title means nothing but it represents the first phrase of the melody of this up-tempo samba.

SloFunk - it's a slow funky blues, (sort of ) but the theme is not bluesy - more of an angular line based on fourths. Oh, and the bass is avoiding the one.

Friday Morning - a relaxed swing tune. Gotta have one on a jazz album.

Bouncing Bubbles - sometimes a bass line is described as as bubbly or bouncy. You never really know what that means, but I thought it applicable here.

Joy Felt - a happy jazz waltz. Toots has his Bluesette, I have my Joy Felt :)